More from South Australia!

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“G -day mates”……the most common greeting down here!

Yesterday was our last golf day in Adelaide – a beautiful, well laid-out city of 1.2 million. Again, fortunate to play on the Royal Adelaide Golf Course.

Golfers in Australia use the Stableford scoring system – this is a popular formula used around the world but seldom in North America.  Using one’s handicap, the scoring is …3 points for a Birdie, 2 for a Par, 1 for a Bogey…ideally(!!!) if you are playing to your handicap you would score 36 points.  If you cannot score any points on a hole – that is if you have hit the little ball toooooo many times, you will pick up….therefore the game can move quickly.

Off on the Great Ocean Road – an 800 km trip along the south Australian coast – playing golf a couple of times en route and ending in Melbourne – a city of 4.07 million!

“Have a good one”

Ann KellyMore from South Australia!