What’s Inside!

Avoid Common Mistakes
Making mistakes is an important part of learning how to play golf. However we do not want to embarrass ourselves and feel uncomfortable … ORDER NOW!

Charity Tournaments
Charity golf tournaments are extremely popular ways for non-profit organizations to raise money … The players often get to play alongside local celebrities and expert golfers and there are prizes that can be won which sweeten the deal … ORDER NOW!

Golf School! ~ How to choose?
Golf School should be a memorable experience! You should have a sense of improvement and enjoyment … ORDER NOW!

Improve! Easy Remedies!
It is no secret that Tiger Woods has spent hours on his workout routines and that VJ Singh spends hours on the practice range. Recreational golfers cannot afford the time to replicate the routines of the professionals but can easily improve their game by incorporating the following 4 remedies … ORDER NOW!

Let’s Speed up Slow Play!
This article came to me from Christina Munro who is the Rules Chair, Zone 5 Women’s Division, British Columbia, Canada. After years of observing groups on the golf course slowly losing sight of the group in front, she came up with this wonderful list of tips … ORDER NOW!

Let’s Talk Clothing
You do not have to wear old “out-dated” unflattering, clothing on the golf course anymore. However…..we do have to be aware of the DRESS CODES … ORDER NOW!