The Secret to Golf!!!

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Met a wonderful teaching pro in Tucson, Jim Kirwan, who tells me there is a secret to golf! Hmmm I wonder??? The 3 keys he tells me are… 1. proper placement of the hands, 2. proper stance and posture 3. a consistent, repeatable, and trustable routine with a good finish. Sounds easy!! Now comes the dreaded PRACTICE part!!! but with more »

Ann KellyThe Secret to Golf!!!

Need sleep – here is why!

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Are you getting enough sleep?   Research suggests that 90%  of us need more that 7+ hours of sleep! Here are interesting facts about sleep…. Sleepiness causes more accidents than drunk driving. Poor sleep can increase pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia and other conditions. Sleep problems emerged with the advent of the light bulb, when people no longer lived by daylight and more »

Ann KellyNeed sleep – here is why!

Why weight gain in the 20th Century!

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Still here at Canyon Ranch,  recognized as the #1 fitness facility in the US – lucky me!  A lecture  I attended (thanks Dr Dedhia) revealed the following causes of weight gain in the 20th Century as follows… Trans Fats – rise of processed foods Soft Drinks – sugar consumption, rise of sweet index Refrigerators – greater availability of food Cars/Computers/TV’s – more »

Ann KellyWhy weight gain in the 20th Century!

Working out in Tucson!

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Thanks to a dear friend I am spending a week at Canyon Ranch Fitness Resort in Tucson AZ!  Among the mega list of programs offered here is a golf program.  I was delighted to meet John Bell the PGA Teaching Pro who runs the program….he has been an avid fan of the pink book and had 6 books sitting on more »

Ann KellyWorking out in Tucson!

Financial note on golf tournaments

Ann Kelly Golf tournaments

The latest LPGA Major tournament was held in London, Ontario, Canada.  At the conclusion of the tournament, the major sponsor, Canadian Pacific presented a cheque to the community hospital for $1,100.045.  It is reported that golfers, via tournaments, contribute more than the “big boys” (NHL, NFL, NBA) combined. Another interesting note was that the players were also challenged.  For each birdie more »

Ann KellyFinancial note on golf tournaments