Golf is a wonderful game – it enables players of all skill levels to play together… however there are THREE VITAL AREAS that most golfers consider important. Understanding these aspects of the game will greatly assist in a new golfer’s enjoyment of golf.

Golf looks easy on TV, but on TV you only see the top golfers in the world! In reality, golf is a very skilled game. You can learn the basics of the game by taking lessons from a qualified professional (no, not from a friend or spouse!). It is a small price to pay for your enjoyment on the course.

There are many seemingly picky little nuances to the game of golf …however these are important etiquette items. They make the game fair for all players as well as helping everyone to maintain a good pace on the golf course.

In order to have golfers finish a round of golf (18 holes) in 4 – 4 1/2 hours, the pace of play is critical. Simple things such as;

  1. Keeping up to the group ahead of you,
  2. Walking smartly (not sauntering!), and
  3. Being ready to play when it is your turn,

… all help to insure a steady, moderate pace for your group. Once you get the ‘hang of it’, you won’t feel hurried at all.