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Ann Kelly refers to herself as an average golfer who summoned up her courage to play the game of golf after her two children left for university. Now she’s hooked!

A background in teaching Physical Education and later training women to re-enter the workforce, honed her sensitivity as to why women feel “naked on the first tee.”

Playing on courses in North America, Europe and “down under”, she noticed that women have a universal self-consciousness, not just about hitting the ball, but how to behave on a golf course.

Ann’s first book “Feeling Naked on the First Tee” was written to help new women golfers quickly understand the unwritten, and often unspoken nuances in the game of golf, and feel comfortable and knowledgeable on the golf course. “Ready…Set…GOLF!” was written with the help of many young people who want beginning Junior golfers to have fun on the golf course. Get your copies here.

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