Golfing “down under”!

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Thanks for coming to this website – it is different than before and is in the midst of another change!

Since I am playing golf in South Australia…thought I’d share some thoughts…

– Common to pull carts across the tee boxes and the greens….however please don’t drop the flag on the green!

– I have found the game to be different here due to the grass.  the fairways are a short, hard, compact grass (think berber carpet), and therefore you can count on lots of roll…but it is a bump and run as you approach the green – no beautiful high shots – very difficult to stop the ball on the green before it rolls to the sand at the back!

– A new scoring system is in place here – the scorecard is 3″x 12″ and after being marked is put into a computer….the little man in the computer does the rest of the work!

– Two courses I have been privileged to play = Royal Adelaide and Kooyoonga – both considered world class.

Off to pet the koalas (no, they are not bears!) and feed the kangaroos….will keep you posted!

Ann KellyGolfing “down under”!