For a coop inside the kennel

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Early last year he had the opportunity to depart the club with the other members of the “big four” Aaron Woods, Mitchell Moses and James Tedesco and was the only member of the group to recommit. “This club means a lot to me and I really love this club, I love playing here, I love playing with all of the more »

Ann KellyFor a coop inside the kennel

Golfing in Africa???4

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Zanzibar,  sounds exotic – well it is! A tropical island off the east coast of Africa with a rich history dating back centuries.  Early native tribes were the first inhabitants, then following the 16th century, the Portuguese, the Omani (who built palaces and forts under the direction of the Sheikh of Oman), the Germans and the British were subsequently involved.  Most more »

Ann KellyGolfing in Africa???4

Golfing in Africa??? 3

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Tanzania!….on safari!…daily trips through 5 major National Parks in a topless Land Rover…saw 107 lions (yes! someone was counting!),  Cape buffaloes, leopards, elephants, and rhinos (the Big Five), as well as countless giraffes, zebras, warthogs, hippos (that sleep in the water most of the day!! etc! …the parks are also a bird-watcher’s paradise! Now, about the golf…..there are only 14 golf more »

Ann KellyGolfing in Africa??? 3

Golfing in Africa ?? 2

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I confess I did not come to Africa to golf…..I came to see the animals, the people and experience the cultural differences. Let me share some Africa experiences…..Rwanda, a country that, 20 years after the horrific mass genocide, is charting a new course: the country is immaculate, the local folk are always smiling, education is compulsory till Grade 11 and more »

Ann KellyGolfing in Africa ?? 2

Golfing in Africa?

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Sorry I have not been able to blog for a while…my excuse…I am in Africa.  Unfortunately access to computers, wifi, and continual power are in short supply where we have been.  I did visit the one and only golf course in Rwanda however and had a long conversation with the Caddy Master.  Will bring you up to date when electronic more »

Ann KellyGolfing in Africa?

Golf Course Management in the Desert

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Golf is played year round in the desert. However varying seasonal temperatures dictate a change of grass on the course.  Following is what happens at Sun City Palm Desert, CA In October, the summer grass (Bermuda) starts to brown and a process called “scalping” starts. It involves reduced watering (re-cycled!) and the application of environmentally friendly chemicals.  Then the course more »

Ann KellyGolf Course Management in the Desert

Quick update – Delighted!..and brief Blog info.

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I am delighted with this new website!….and thanks to the people who have contacted me.  Among them is a man in Rhode Island who met me on a ferry when I first started writing the pink book, a woman from Minnesota, a woman from the Philippines , and a group from the UK.. Pleased to hear from anyone…please contact me. more »

Ann KellyQuick update – Delighted!..and brief Blog info.

Preparing a Golf Course for Winter!

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Recently in Calgary Alberta, Kerry Watkins, the Grounds Superintendent at the Glencoe Club shared his information on the critical process of preparing a golf course for winter.  Similar processes will be carried out wherever a course is blanketed with snow. Kerry stressed that superintendents must make decisions based on history, types of grasses, weather, and amount of money available.  Fall is more »

Ann KellyPreparing a Golf Course for Winter!

The Secret to Golf!!!

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Met a wonderful teaching pro in Tucson, Jim Kirwan, who tells me there is a secret to golf! Hmmm I wonder??? The 3 keys he tells me are… 1. proper placement of the hands, 2. proper stance and posture 3. a consistent, repeatable, and trustable routine with a good finish. Sounds easy!! Now comes the dreaded PRACTICE part!!! but with more »

Ann KellyThe Secret to Golf!!!

Need sleep – here is why!

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Are you getting enough sleep?   Research suggests that 90%  of us need more that 7+ hours of sleep! Here are interesting facts about sleep…. Sleepiness causes more accidents than drunk driving. Poor sleep can increase pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia and other conditions. Sleep problems emerged with the advent of the light bulb, when people no longer lived by daylight and more »

Ann KellyNeed sleep – here is why!