Golfing in Africa???4

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Zanzibar,  sounds exotic – well it is! A tropical island off the east coast of Africa with a rich history dating back centuries.  Early native tribes were the first inhabitants, then following the 16th century, the Portuguese, the Omani (who built palaces and forts under the direction of the Sheikh of Oman), the Germans and the British were subsequently involved.  Most of the action centers around Stone Town with its colourful, crowded and narrow streets.  The narrow streets help to lower the temperature.

Zanzibar, an ideal location for trade was also the home of the notorious Slave Trade – nasty stuff!  Impelled by the British, this practice was halted in 1873.  The present economy revolves around spices and tourism. We visited a spice farm…did you know turmeric is from a root,  cinnamon is from the bark of a tree? and cloves are from the buds of trees?  Spices are not indigenous to the island, however ideal growing conditions encouraged entrepreneurs to import seed and this industry is very important to the local people.

Now for golf??  There is only one golf course on the island – Sea Cliff Resort and Spa – of course aimed at tourists.  Enjoy the culture and the beautiful beaches and leave your clubs behind.


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Ann KellyGolfing in Africa???4