Why weight gain in the 20th Century!

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Still here at Canyon Ranch,  recognized as the #1 fitness facility in the US – lucky me!  A lecture  I attended (thanks Dr Dedhia) revealed the following causes of weight gain in the 20th Century as follows…

  • Trans Fats – rise of processed foods
  • Soft Drinks – sugar consumption, rise of sweet index
  • Refrigerators – greater availability of food
  • Cars/Computers/TV’s – sedentary lifestyle
  • Electric lights – reduced sleep time
  • 24/7 Expectations – “normalcy” of stress

Did you know  – the average American adult will gain ~ 22 lbs from age 25 til 55?  – an increase in 1 lb in weight will equal 4 lbs on the knees?  – the average American now comsumes 140 lbs of sugar/yr?

Is there a solution to rising obesity?  Think!!! ….balance your food intake with your activity! …or, calories IN balanced with calories OUT/BURNED.

Will head to a lecture on Sleep tomorrow – will keep you posted!




Ann KellyWhy weight gain in the 20th Century!