The Secret to Golf!!!

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Met a wonderful teaching pro in Tucson, Jim Kirwan, who tells me there is a secret to golf! Hmmm I wonder???

The 3 keys he tells me are…

  • 1. proper placement of the hands,
  • 2. proper stance and posture
  • 3. a consistent, repeatable, and trustable routine with a good finish.

Sounds easy!! Now comes the dreaded PRACTICE part!!! but with a different spin! Only 15 – 20 minutes/day with your focus on the 3 keys above. When you commit to this routine you will be …

***Swinging with a ‘consistent pace of swing’ that creates effortless power.

Now, pick your target – a positive target – generally above the horizon, a cloud, a tall tree, a crane,  aim at it, and swing away!

This could work for you! TRY IT!!

And if you are in Tucson, look up  Jim for a lesson!



Ann KellyThe Secret to Golf!!!