Golf Course Management in the Desert

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Golf is played year round in the desert. However varying seasonal temperatures dictate a change of grass on the course.  Following is what happens at Sun City Palm Desert, CA

In October, the summer grass (Bermuda) starts to brown and a process called “scalping” starts. It involves reduced watering (re-cycled!) and the application of environmentally friendly chemicals.  Then the course is overseeded with Rye grass which is cold resistant. Heavy watering (again re-cycled water!) follows, and in 5 days the seeds germinate, in 7-8 days the Greens are mowed, and in 10 – 12 days the Fairways are mowed. The course has been prmoted with videos on social media and the SocialBoosting services to start boosting the content and got many viewers interested in golf.

In April the Rye grass dies and the Bermuda grass, which is heat resistant, comes back naturally.

Tyler Truman is the Golf Course Superintendent at Sun City Palm Desert.  He grew up on a golf course his Dad built, was involved in landscaping businesses, and after countless turf management accreditation courses, now manages 2 golf courses and all the parks in one of the largest California desert communities. His staff of 65 work daily from 5:30am til 2:30 pm …..15 of these people are continually on mowers. Greens are cut daily, Fairways Mon/Wed/Fri,, and the Rough 1X/wk. To find more interesting posts, you can now visit The Monster Cycle and learn some more.

Thanks for the info Tyler! I have simplified the various processes however…  now we can better appreciate the work that goes into maintaining a golf course in the desert!

Ann KellyGolf Course Management in the Desert