Why weight gain in the 20th Century!

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Still here at Canyon Ranch,  recognized as the #1 fitness facility in the US – lucky me!  A lecture  I attended (thanks Dr Dedhia) revealed the following causes of weight gain in the 20th Century as follows… Trans Fats – rise of processed foods Soft Drinks – sugar consumption, rise of sweet index Refrigerators – greater availability of food Cars/Computers/TV’s – more »

Ann KellyWhy weight gain in the 20th Century!

Working out in Tucson!

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Thanks to a dear friend I am spending a week at Canyon Ranch Fitness Resort in Tucson AZ!  Among the mega list of programs offered here is a golf program.  I was delighted to meet John Bell the PGA Teaching Pro who runs the program….he has been an avid fan of the pink book and had 6 books sitting on more »

Ann KellyWorking out in Tucson!

MORE about tournaments!

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A couple of things that I’d not mentioned in yesterday’s blog… – Weather! all volunteers had to be alert and ready to respond to weather changes… ie a storm with lightning required that the course be evacuated. Often this was the responsibility of the Transportation Committee. – Uniforms for volunteers (over 1000!) had to be issued. Usually a t-shirt and a hat/visor…occasionally tournaments require the volunteer to pay a more »

Ann KellyMORE about tournaments!

BEHIND THE SCENE at a Major golf tournament

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Tournament location is designated at least 2 years before the event.  A steering committee will start planning at that time.  Approx 12 Committees will be required 1000 – 1400 volunteers will be required to look after Players, Caddies, Sponsors, VIP’s, Volunteers, Spectators, Rules Officials, and Media. I was lucky to CoChair a Hospitality Committee for a LPGA Major with the following more »

Ann KellyBEHIND THE SCENE at a Major golf tournament

More from South Australia!

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“G -day mates”……the most common greeting down here! Yesterday was our last golf day in Adelaide – a beautiful, well laid-out city of 1.2 million. Again, fortunate to play on the Royal Adelaide Golf Course. Golfers in Australia use the Stableford scoring system – this is a popular formula used around the world but seldom in North America.  Using one’s handicap, more »

Ann KellyMore from South Australia!

Golfing “down under”!

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Thanks for coming to this website – it is different than before and is in the midst of another change! Since I am playing golf in South Australia…thought I’d share some thoughts… – Common to pull carts across the tee boxes and the greens….however please don’t drop the flag on the green! – I have found the game to be more »

Ann KellyGolfing “down under”!