Apple or Candy??? cont’d

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As promised …here is the chart which indicates how your body reacts to sugar! 1 1/2 hours after eating the candy, your system is in the Hunger Mode….ie What is there to eat??? Whereas eating the apple has raised your blood sugar level yet has sustained it for 4 hours! How to succeed at maintaining blood sugar levels…. Eat breakfast No over more »

Ann KellyApple or Candy??? cont’d

Avoid the Blood Sugar Rollercoaster!

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What??? Well I have just returned from Canyon Ranch, an outstanding fitness resort in Tucson AZ, and one of the lectures I attended “spoke to me”…and I wondered if it would” speak to you” as well! Andres Valenzuela MS, RDN, spoke about the Blood Sugar Rollercoaster that is causing obesity in our countries. He informed us that our blood sugar more »

Ann KellyAvoid the Blood Sugar Rollercoaster!

Reactions – Annabelle Ackroyd

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Thanks to all who reacted to the last post.  A couple of these comments were – “Hurrah for Annabelle”  BC-Can “As a women golfer, I was intimidated to be paired with a Junior – thinking that she would be so much better than I”  TN-US “A good lesson for all ‘experienced’ golfers!!”  MT-US, and “Congratulations to Annabelle, we hope she more »

Ann KellyReactions – Annabelle Ackroyd

Annabelle Ackroyd – Paired with a Junior?

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I was going to tell this story a couple of years ago…however…Now is the perfect time! A 12 year old girl who had played lots of golf with her Dad was encouraged to go to the local golf course, see if there was an opening on the tee sheet and play golf…often intimidating for most people as you never know who more »

Ann KellyAnnabelle Ackroyd – Paired with a Junior?

Altered Course – a new version of extreme golf!

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At the Royal Colwood Golf Course in Victoria, Canada, members were privileged to attend the first screening of Altered Course, thanks to member Eileen Kelly, one of the participants.  This is a new version of extreme golf created by the Golf Channel. Months ago when the program was announced, over 10,000 applicants were received by the Golf Channel.  These applicants more »

Ann KellyAltered Course – a new version of extreme golf!

Speed Golf – Who Knew???

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Who knew that golfers would invent an extreme version of golf??? Well… here it is! Often Speed Golf is referred to as Hit, Run, Repeat!  It dates back to the 70’s but in 1990 a formal governing body was founded in the US.  An International body was then founded in 2002 and presently there are various events around the world. more »

Ann KellySpeed Golf – Who Knew???

Memories of Turkey…

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If you get the chance to visit Turkey – GO!  Turkey’s strong economy is based on tourism, agriculture and manufacturing.  The country’s infrastructure has improved 100% in the last 15 years – super highways, bridges, hotels, restaurants, etc!  Countless tourist attractions, from whirling dervishes in Konya, balloon rides in Cappadocia, to the underground cisterns in Istanbul, that will keep you more »

Ann KellyMemories of Turkey…

Stunning golf course in Bulgaria!

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Why am I playing golf in Bulgaria?  Simply on our way to play in a Rotary golf tournament in Turkey….and had heard about Thracian Cliffs Golf and Beach Resort…-and just had to come! “You will not find a golf course like this anywhere else on the planet”. Gary Player Framed by white coastal cliffs and the turquoise of the Black more »

Ann KellyStunning golf course in Bulgaria!

Golf in Bulgaria???

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Bulgaria!  grab your atlas and check the location of Bulgaria.  This country is sandwiched between Romania to the north,Turkey to the south and Serbia and Madedonia to the west…..and the Black Sea to the east. It is the oldest country in Europe that hasn’t changed its name since it was established in 681 AD.  Bulgaria is widely known for outstanding more »

Ann KellyGolf in Bulgaria???