Speed Golf – Who Knew???

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Who knew that golfers would invent an extreme version of golf??? Well… here it is! Often Speed Golf is referred to as Hit, Run, Repeat!  It dates back to the 70’s but in 1990 a formal governing body was founded in the US.  An International body was then founded in 2002 and presently there are various events around the world.

The object of Speed Golf is quite simple (Ha!) …it is to play golf as well as possible in as little time as possible.

Golfers may carry up to 6 clubs, (special bags are now available), and may carry a range finder for distance only.  They may not wear metal spikes,  are not required to rake traps, and will often take a penalty rather than search for a lost ball.

Tournaments are either 9 or 18 holes and flights are divided Men/Women, Pro/Amateur

Scoring consists of combining the number of strokes taken with the time elapsed.  (ie: a score of 85 in the time of 45.10 minutes = 131.10 – the seconds are recorded to resolve ties)

Another version of Speed Golf has been created by the Golf Channel  – called Altered Course…see next Blog!

Ann KellySpeed Golf – Who Knew???