Memories of Turkey…

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If you get the chance to visit Turkey – GO!  Turkey’s strong economy is based on tourism, agriculture and manufacturing.  The country’s infrastructure has improved 100% in the last 15 years – super highways, bridges, hotels, restaurants, etc!  Countless tourist attractions, from whirling dervishes in Konya, balloon rides in Cappadocia, to the underground cisterns in Istanbul, that will keep you busy for weeks!

There are hundreds of ancient Roman sites where you will see cities, amphitheaters and buildings, that continue to be unearthed by anthropologists.

There are over 1000 mosques in Istanbul – many of which used to be Christian churches.  The architecture and decorations in these places of worship are stunning. Be aware, you may not need an alarm clock as the imans will wake you before sunrise with their calls to prayer!

Hotels are ultra modern with every convenience the modern traveller could wish for.

Played on three wonderful golf courses along the Mediterranean (as mentioned in a previous blog – Turkey is replacing Portugal as a destination for golfers). What a treat!

Turkey , on the border of Syria, has taken in over 1.6 million was refugees. Admirable!

Ann KellyMemories of Turkey…