Need sleep – here is why!

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Are you getting enough sleep?   Research suggests that 90%  of us need more that 7+ hours of sleep! Here are interesting facts about sleep…. Sleepiness causes more accidents than drunk driving. Poor sleep can increase pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia and other conditions. Sleep problems emerged with the advent of the light bulb, when people no longer lived by daylight and more »

Ann KellyNeed sleep – here is why!

Why weight gain in the 20th Century!

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Still here at Canyon Ranch,  recognized as the #1 fitness facility in the US – lucky me!  A lecture  I attended (thanks Dr Dedhia) revealed the following causes of weight gain in the 20th Century as follows… Trans Fats – rise of processed foods Soft Drinks – sugar consumption, rise of sweet index Refrigerators – greater availability of food Cars/Computers/TV’s – more »

Ann KellyWhy weight gain in the 20th Century!

Working out in Tucson!

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Thanks to a dear friend I am spending a week at Canyon Ranch Fitness Resort in Tucson AZ!  Among the mega list of programs offered here is a golf program.  I was delighted to meet John Bell the PGA Teaching Pro who runs the program….he has been an avid fan of the pink book and had 6 books sitting on more »

Ann KellyWorking out in Tucson!

MORE about tournaments!

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A couple of things that I’d not mentioned in yesterday’s blog… – Weather! all volunteers had to be alert and ready to respond to weather changes… ie a storm with lightning required that the course be evacuated. Often this was the responsibility of the Transportation Committee. – Uniforms for volunteers (over 1000!) had to be issued. Usually a t-shirt and a hat/visor…occasionally tournaments require the volunteer to pay a more »

Ann KellyMORE about tournaments!

BEHIND THE SCENE at a Major golf tournament

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Tournament location is designated at least 2 years before the event.  A steering committee will start planning at that time.  Approx 12 Committees will be required 1000 – 1400 volunteers will be required to look after Players, Caddies, Sponsors, VIP’s, Volunteers, Spectators, Rules Officials, and Media. I was lucky to CoChair a Hospitality Committee for a LPGA Major with the following more »

Ann KellyBEHIND THE SCENE at a Major golf tournament

More from South Australia!

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“G -day mates”……the most common greeting down here! Yesterday was our last golf day in Adelaide – a beautiful, well laid-out city of 1.2 million. Again, fortunate to play on the Royal Adelaide Golf Course. Golfers in Australia use the Stableford scoring system – this is a popular formula used around the world but seldom in North America.  Using one’s handicap, more »

Ann KellyMore from South Australia!

Golfing “down under”!

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Thanks for coming to this website – it is different than before and is in the midst of another change! Since I am playing golf in South Australia…thought I’d share some thoughts… – Common to pull carts across the tee boxes and the greens….however please don’t drop the flag on the green! – I have found the game to be more »

Ann KellyGolfing “down under”!