Avoid the Blood Sugar Rollercoaster!

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What??? Well I have just returned from Canyon Ranch, an outstanding fitness resort in Tucson AZ, and one of the lectures I attended “spoke to me”…and I wondered if it would” speak to you” as well!

Andres Valenzuela MS, RDN, spoke about the Blood Sugar Rollercoaster that is causing obesity in our countries. He informed us that our blood sugar level should remain as level as possible throughout the day.  So, if we don’t eat on a regular schedule, and we eat foods high in sugar, our blood sugar levels will peak then crash.  When they crash, we crave anything in sight and it is usually not a good food source!!!

Check next blog……I will have a diagram illustrating the difference between blood sugar levels when eating an apple versus a candy….as well as some ideas to help you avoid the Blood Sugar Rollercoaster.  Meanwhile tuck a Kashi bar in your golf bag!


An aside….thanks to all who commented on the little pink book, Feeling Naked on the First Tee, going to China!

Ann KellyAvoid the Blood Sugar Rollercoaster!